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The Zambia Institute of Planners (ZIP) is a body corporate created under the Urban and Regional Planners Act No 4 of 2011 with its overall mandate of regulating the planning practice in Zambia.

Pursuant to Part IV Section 23 of the aforesaid act, it is illegal for anyone (person or firm/organisation) to practice planning without having registered as a planner and/or planning firm with ZIP.

Whether you are an individual or company providing planning services to government departments, local authorities, parastatals, private and non-governmental organisations, you are required to register with ZIP. Please take time to fill out the application form to find out which membership class fits your credentials. It will only take a few minutes.

So who is a Planner?

A planner is a person with special knowledge of urban designing, the environmental, social, economic and political issues with the spatial approach to problem solving acquired through planning education and experience.  It must be emphased that planning is a diverse profession and has several spheres to name but a few; physical, socio-economic, environmental and transportation planning.


  • What did you study?
    Eligibility Criteria
    If you have studies one of the following courses from a recognised university, you can apply for membership to the institute.
    A. Urban and Regional Planning, Spatial Planning, Land Use Planning, Urban Design
    ? Bachelor of Science Urban and Regional Planning from Copperbelt University or a recognized University.
    ? Masters of Spatial Planning from the University of Zambia or a recognised university
    ? Diploma Town and Country Planning from a recognised university 

    B. Socio - economic
    ? Bachelor of Economics or major in Economics from a recognised university
    ? Bachelor of Social Work from A recognised university
    ? Bachelor of Geography from a recognised university
    ? Bachelor of Sociology from a recognised university
    ? Bachelor of Science Urban and Regional Planning from a recognised university

    C. Environment
    ? Bachelor in Natural Resources from a recognised university
    ? Bachelor of Education in Biology from a recognised university
    ? Bachelor of Biochemistry from a recognised university
    ? Bachelor of Science Urban and Regional Planning from a recognised university

    Other qualifications should remain as provided for in the constitution and that each application be considered on its own merit.

  • What are the categories of Membership?
    Only by invitation of the Council. You cannot apply for this class.

    MEMBER: You must possess any of the qualifications listed in section 1 above (A, B and or C). If you are not sure your qualification allows you to register as a member, please contact secretariat. Under this section, a member’s rights and privileges are outlined. A member holding a license in the other classes may seat for a Planners Registration Exam to acquire this class of membership.

    Class A
    Members have special knowledge in spatial planning, analysis related to land use planning justified by education or and experience of not less than 2years under a registered planner. The members are not excluded from practising socio-economic and environmental planning.

    Class B
    Members have special knowledge in human development, social and economic issues related to development. This can be justified by training and or experience in the field of socio-economic planning. This class is EXCLUDED from Practising Land Use Planning, Spatial Planning, Urban Design and Environmental Planning.

    Class C
    Members have demonstrated skills and knowledge in environmental issues by virtue of training, education or experience. This class is EXCKUDED from practising Land Use Planning, Urban Design, Spatial Planning and Socio-economic Planning.

    ASSOCIATE MEMBER Shall have formal qualifications in the allied professions or academic disciplines but without a formal qualification or training in the subjects listed in A. B and C. In addition, they must have evident experience of continued and whole time professional work experience by employment or consultancy for at least 2 years.
    For a non-Zambian applicant, at least 6 months resident professional service in Zambia, provided the applicant has already been elected a Corporate Associate of the Institute of Planners in his country of origin or domicile. They cannot use the ZIP seal to endorse their work

    TECHNICIAN MEMBER Shall have a diploma or a certificate in planning disciplines or allied professions in the whole-time employment under a public office or consultancy practice firm supervised by a Registered Planner. The training qualification shall be at least 2years full time study at a recognized institution in Zambia or abroad evidenced by a certificate or diploma.
    A Technician Member shall be entitled to election and upgrading to membership only after acquiring further educational qualifications or professional work experience prescribed for the respective status of membership. Or, Satisfying the council with outstanding professional experience of at least 15 years to justify exemption from requirements for members.

    PROBATIONARY/STUDENT MEMBER: Shall be a temporary affiliation only during an enrolment period for the study of a professional / sub-professional qualification in planning or related professions. This membership shall automatically cease upon completion/drop out of enrolled studies as above, unless applied for upgrading to a higher affiliate/corporate membership of the Institute upon the completion of training qualification.

    PLANNING FIRMS: Private Firms that offer Urban and Regional Planning Services

    EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS: Institutions of Higher learning that provide Courses in Urban and Regional Planning

  • What is your nationality?
    We DO NOT discriminate against nationality, gender, sex, race, disability. ZIP belongs to all that are willing to make our communities places we want to live and work. All locals and foreign nationals meeting the eligibility criteria can register with the institute. However, foreign nationals must provide evidence of a similar registration in their country of origin.
  • Why Join the institute?
    ZIP exists to serve your interest and the public interest by enabling you to:
    ? Practice Planning in Zambia in accordance with the Urban and Regional Planners Act of 2011
    ? Position yourself as a change maker through a professional and growing body of planning knowledge
    ? Access planning professional networks through information on our via website, Facebook, Newsletters, Forums and e-mail updates;
    ? Participate in Local Conferences, Annual General meeting and other Global Platforms were ZIP is affiliated through recommendation letters and sponsorship (Visit our events section for upcoming conferences etc).


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