About Us

A professional corporate body established by the enactment of the Urban and Regional Planners Act No. 4 of 2011. ZIP represents the planning profession in Zambia and  has a membership of more than 300 planners. We are a member of the Commonwealth Association of Planners.

VISION: Creating Livable Places through Quality Planning and Practice

MISSION: To advance the science and art of planning in a well coordinated, efficient and effective manner in  public for the Republic of Zambia

ZIP regulates planning practice in Zambia through:

  1. Developing Quality Planners: Issuance of Practicing Licenses to all registered planners. We enforce a strict code of conduct.
  2. Supporting the Professional Planner: Promoting professional development and networking opportunities
  3. Sustainable Planning: Protecting the practice of planning and advancing members ability to protect the public interest



The Zambia Institute of Planners is: 

  • A membership organisation responsible for maintaining and promoting professional standards and accrediting planners, students of planning, learning institutions offering professional planning courses in Zambia
  • A professional institute created by the Urban and Regional Planners Act No. 4 of 2011 of the Laws of Zambia whose purpose is to advance the science and art of planning (including town and country and spatial planning) in public interest.






Job Opportunities

  • Internships - Fundraising and Information Management
  • Part-time Inspectors (5)
  • Assistant Registrar of the Institute
  • Registrar of the Institute


  • Free Online Courses for Planners
    Visit these websites for free online courses and scholarship opportunities: https://www.coursera.org https://www2.fundsforngos.org http://www.opportunitiesforafricans.com/
  • What other planners are talking about
    https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?menu=1300 https://www.planning.org/ http://www.commonwealth-planners.org/index.php/en/
  • Lawa of Zambia
    Be the first to know about that new piece of legislation http://www.parliament.gov.zm/

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